Need for Keeping Records sample essay

Need for Keeping Records sample essay

It is an obligation by law to keep and maintain records within the educational environment. The educational facility/environment are liable to maintain various records as ultimately it serves one purpose and that is to be answerable and reasonable to keeping accurate records whilst providing important evidence to support the on-going achievement of student education and the legislation codes of the education setting. Within a learning context there are many reasons why we keep records, however below I have given three examples particular records.

Identifying needs

* If a learner is to embark on a Learning and Teaching in Schools Level 2 course he or she would have to first complete an initial assessment before they begin the course.

The first initial step would consist of completing an enrolment form with all the required data such as next of kin, medical information and previous or current courses the learner has undertaken. A personal statement of “why you want to teach within a school” would also need to be submitted with the enrolment application form as this would then determine the tutor during the selection process to ensure the learner has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience.

The information carried out would then enable the tutor to have a brief overview of the student’s ability and assess further more in an interview.

During the process of the interview the tutor will assess and conduct a functional skills test in literacy and numeracy, these tests are compulsory as they give an indication to the tutor of the level of support you may need through the duration of the course and it also gives the student a ‘refresher’ of these skills as they may not have used functional skills in a long time, it is also a requirement to obtain a Level 1 before proceeding onto the course. The diagnostic test results are then fed back to the student on a one to one basis and should any support be required the identifying of the learners’ needs would then be met.

Planning Learning

* Once the learner has started the course and all his or her individual needs have been assessed the tutor can then create an Individual Learning Plan (IPL) for the student and himself as this would be an agreed strategy plan for the student to document what he or she learnt from the tutors session and what support the learner may need to get from their tutor about the lesson they have just undertaken, in order to achieve the set criteria, this then allows the tutor to be prepared and organised- in how the lessons are managed and to identify where the learners are academically and helps the tutors to prepare for who may need extra support.

IPL’s are valuable records for students as well as tutors as this is a form of evidence of what is being achieved, strengths, weaknesses, tracking the fulfilment criteria of the course and setting individual targets.

Assessing Learning

* When a submission of work is made by a student, a tracking record is then kept, this allows the tutor to then be informed the submission of an assignment, for example the usage of the teaching/student portal Edmodo allows the tutor to update what assignment needs to be in and then the student will follow suit and upload their assignment and wait for a return.

The tracking of submission records ensures that everyone hands in the required work on time, assessed and returned with feedback.

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